Monday, 31 March 2003

Shots from Sunday's FBNL Playoff final second leg now live.

Direct links:


Next games covered will be EPNL finals at MK.

So, that's the BNL complete for anther season. Well done to the Blaze for their two chunks of shiny stuff and commiserations to Cardiff who never gave up the fight - hope Ivan's OK.

Photos should be up tonight.

Thursday, 27 March 2003

Got a cracking sequence of footy photos today:

Go here to see the rest of my OU footy photos.

Photos from Knights vs Bees on Wednesday now live.

Well, what are you waiting for - Christmas?


Wanna learn dog? Read on...
Japanese toy maker launches Dog to English translation device to find out if little Bobby really is stuck down the well. Lassie outraged.
Takara Co. Ltd., a Tokyo-based toy manufacturer, recently announced the US release of their Dog to English translation device. Dubbed the Bowlingual (no, really), the device deciphers what your dog has really been trying to say to you all these years. Most likely, "no thank you, I'd rather have steak", or "fetch it yourself, you lazy...".

Went to London Knights last ever game at the Docklands Arena last night to witness a crushing defeat of the Bracknell Bees in a final ISL playoff game before their trip to Nottingham this coming weekend. I couldn't help thinking that with the wage cap of the Elite League, set to take over from the ISL as the UK's highest level of hockey, being so much lower, I am really going to miss that quality of play.

Photos should be up tonight.

Monday, 24 March 2003

Shots from Blaze vs Flames now live - I think its taken longer to FTP them to make the galleries!

Here's the direct links:


Coventry Blaze secured a place in the FBNL Playoff final with a 5-1 win over Guildford Flames last night at the Skydome. They now face Cardiff Devils who managed an extra time, sudden death win over Dundee Stars.

Photos should be up this evening.

Sunday, 23 March 2003

Shots from last night's crucial ENPL game at MK now up. MK needed a win and they trounced IOW Raiders 6-0.

Here's the direct links:


Bought meself a ticket to the home leg of the ENPL Cup Final too - the Peterborough leg has already sold out.

Monday, 17 March 2003

Strewth - managed to do both games. Here's the direct links:

From Saturday:

From Sunday:

Bit slow getting the latest photos done - hope to do at least those from MK Lightning vs Invicta tonight.

Friday, 14 March 2003

Just bought meself a Thompson DTI1000 digital TV set-top box. Appears to work fine - neat considering this area can't receive digital TV according to the postcode checker. I did invest in a stonkin great new aerial first, though - I doubt it would have worked with what I had before. Picture quality varies wildly - on some channels its superb (DVD-like) but others are marginal. I don't like the Teletext service.

Price was £99.50 from John Lewis (although you can't buy STBs on line!).

Currently watching Edward Scissorhands on Channel 4 in widescreen.

Thursday, 13 March 2003

Meet the guy who introduced me to blogging: Marc Eisenstadt

Record number of blocked access attempts by ZoneAlarm this evening - 355 in 5 hours. Don't surf without it!

Next games to be covered:
Saturday: MK Lightning vs Invicta Dynamos (ENPL playoffs)
Sunday: either London vs Nottingham (ISL playoffs) or Coventry vs Newcastle (FBNL playoffs)

Photos from Wednesday's game at Coventry now live - direct links:

Blaze photos
Cardiff photos

Shot some more 6-a-Side footy today. Our department's team Virtual Winners lost again.

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I went to Coventry last night to watch the Coventry Blaze vs Cardiff Devils FBNL playoff game. Final score was 3-1.