Monday, 30 June 2003

Yet another completely new sport this weekend - a Polocrosse (that's a cross between Polo and Lacrosse) tournament at Liscombe Park in Buckinghamshire.

Six 8-minute chukkas with three out of six players from each team on the field at a time - the other three get a break. The ball, made of rubber, is about half the size of a football and the racquets are like elongated badminton raquets with saggy string baskets.

Link to the galleries.

Monday, 16 June 2003

Another sport (almost) new to me. Thinking I was going to be covering motorcross, I went to Whaddon on Sunday and found an off-roaders club event.

See the photos

Friday, 6 June 2003

And now for something completely different - Ultimate Frisbee. Mm, not sure what they mean by 'ultimate' - for some reason I had a vision of exploding frisbees with knives around the edges. Keeping taking the pills, eh?

See the gallery of my first ever frisbee shots